Claire came to me earlier this year with her heart set on an amazing confetti cake design by Studio Cake in California.
I have to say that it is not my first choice to recreate designs by other cake artists. However, sometimes clients come to me with an image of their dream cake, and nothing else will do!  I can understand that, and try to work with them to add some of their own special little touches.
We decided to do a three tiered version of the original design, and I also deepened the height of each tier.
As you can see, I also really went ‘to town’ with the confetti! There were  over 500 hand cut fondant confetti circles in shades of peach!
Bottom tier – triple layered chocolate with dark chocolate ganache
Middle Tier – triple layered red velvet with white chocolate ganache
Top Tier – triple layered chocolate with dark chocolate ganache
There were also two matching cutting cakes out in the kitchen, as the wedding cake was being served for dessert.
Congratulations to Claire and Duncan!

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  1. Sandra says:

    I hope you had a nice hand massage afterwards! Beautiful job.

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