Harry’s Dino Party, as featured by Amy Atlas!

It’s always lovely to have your birthday party on your actual birthday!

This is how it was for our Harry this year…turning 4!

We started the day in the usual way, with a few pressies…in your P.J’s…of course!

The highlight of the present opening was a giant inflatable dinosaur from Uncle Steve and Auntie Noni, who happened to be staying with us!

An unexpected ‘dino’ prop for the party!

After racing around like a mad thing (no lie) to get the dessert table set up, I attempted to take a few photos of the birthday boy with his brothers.

It was kind of crazy, as there was so much ‘dino’ excitement in the air!

“Ok boys, looking at mummy for the photo!”

“Oops, Tommy doesn’t have any socks on yet!”

“Ok boys, really try and look at the camera!”

“Tommy, come back!”

“I think we might try one of the birthday boy on his own now!”

I was feeling exhausted, and the party guests hadn’t even arrived yet!

Here is the Dessert Table ready and waiting!

The ‘dino’ dessert labels were designed by the gorgeous Leonie of Ashlee Rae.

The inspiration behind the printables came from Harry’s favourite colour ‘red’, as well as some gorgeous stripey ribbon I purchased from Ribbons Galore.

I was determined to transfer the ‘dino’ party theme into a mass of colour, as opposed to the expected earthly tones!

The menu consisted of  three ‘dino’ food categories:

Herbivore Diet

Veggie-saurus Mix

Dino Dip

Fruit-o-saurus Salad

Volcanic Punch Juice

Carnivore Diet

Brachiosaurus Sausages

Dessertivore Diet

Dino-Dig Jellies

Fossil Cookies

Dino Bones (cookies)

Dino Eggs (Meringues)

Volcanic Pops

Volcanic Punch Juice

Yes, I did go a bit  crazy on the cake!

Stripes, ruffles and spots!

The first and third tiers are both triple layered chocolate mud cake with dark chocolate ganache.

The extended middle tier was a faux tier, in order to combat massive amounts of left over cake in the house!

“Happy birthday, dear Harry…!”

“Happy birthday, to you!”

A huge thank you to Amy Atlas for featuring Harry’s party last Friday.

You can see the full article here.

A little question for you -if you were a dinosaur, which diet, would you follow?